Santa and the reindeer .

Referring to Christmas, to Santa Claus, people often think of an old man with a kindly face, a big belly, a white beard, wearing red clothes with a gift wrap on the back. He often rides reindeer cars on Christmas Eve distributing gifts to children around the world.

 But in fact, it is not the only Santa Claus. In many cultures and religions there are different versions of Santa Claus and of course, instead of using reindeer cars, they use other means … 

  Do you know why Santa takes a reindeer to pull a car 

Santa lives in the North Pole. More precisely, his house is located in the Arctic Circle, the town of Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Like other northern European cultures, the Finns have long used reindeer as a means of survival. 

Reindeer is both a food, a means of transportation, and a shelter. More often, reindeer pits, fences and reindeer signage are found in some areas, etc.

 Living in the harsh Arctic, reindeer have been able to adapt to the ice for centuries, helping them survive in the harsh Northern climate. For example, their noses have a special air-conditioning mechanism that heats the air before breathing, so air enters the lungs without getting cold. In addition, the reindeer’s fur has the ability to insulate, keep warm as they cross the glaciers and lakes during transportation. That’s why Santa uses a reindeer to pull the cart.

Why are there 9 reindeer and they know how to fly

 Initially Santa’s flying carriage consisted of 8 reindeer, arranged in 2 rows. On a Christmas night, Santa had difficulty giving presents to the children because of the frosty sky. Fortunately, he discovered Rudolph – a reindeer with a glowing red nose. So Santa gave Rudolph the lead of his rickshaw. It was thanks to the reindeer’s glowing red nose that helped him accomplish his Christmas night mission. Since then there are 9 reindeer. According to legend they flew because Santa Claus miraculously fed cornmeal and oatmeal.

 It is great if you can collect meaningful stories about Santa Claus such as the story of socks or reindeer cars on Christmas Eve, the children of your family will love. 

Christmas is near and the children are eagerly awaiting gifts from Santa. Christmas is the occasion they will receive a favorite gift and long-term wish. Christmas is coming, wish you and your family with a warm Christmas night, wish every unlucky fate in the world to have a selectable Christmas night.

Happiness is not that you are given a big pine tree in front of the house, to eat in luxurious places, giving each other expensive gifts. 

Happiness is when you feel warm in the cold of Christmas night, the warmth from friends and relatives that they give you in a card, a witty greeting, a simple but full outing affection. In the bustling atmosphere of Noel this year, wishing everyone a very peaceful and happy Christmas season.

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