Meaningful gifts at Christmas

 Christmas is about to bring the chilly atmosphere all over the world, bring sparkling colors, bright lights, the streets also become more bustling, the hearts suddenly recover, expect, wish for good things By Christmas we will see more of the bustling laughter of children as well as warm family meals. 

Do you know why you give presents on Christmas day?

 Beautiful memories of young children are often associated with gifts received from Santa. According to old legend, Santa Claus often rode reindeer in the sky, came to the house with Christmas trees and climbed through the chimney to bring gifts to the sleeping children and often put gifts in socks.

Gifts are not merely materialistic, but primarily spiritual gifts. In secret letters sent to Santa Claus, the children convey secret wishes with the belief that their message will be understood. Giving Christmas gifts over time has become one of the traditions of this holiday. 

The Christmas gift seems to become the symbol of one of the biggest holidays of the year in the world – the day Jesus was born. But have you ever wondered what it means to give Christmas presents on this occasion? Common misunderstandings of Vietnamese people on Christmas Day

The trend of giving Christmas gifts ever since 

Back in the history of the Christmas present, when Jesus cried out in Bethlehem in a manger, three kings from the east (now in Iran and Syria) came to pay their respects. They brought 3 valuable gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. The meaning of the gift is as follows: Gold means Jesus is king, frankincense to confess that Jesus is God, and myrtle predicts Jesus’ passion and death to redeem mankind.

These are the three colors that represent Christmas and over time, from decoration to fashion, are inspired by this color. The three kings had a lot of wealth, but even the poor gave the Lord everything they had to pay homage to the holy boy. Shepherds bring God fruit and lovely toys made by their own hands 

For some, giving gifts to each other on Christmas day has profound religious significance. Because Jesus was crucified and sacrificed to humanity. Giving gifts as a simulation for your little actions for others does not need to be reciprocated. The gift of Christmas is also an expression of everyone’s love to family and friends.

Give your loved ones a warm, happy Christmas with the best gifts for them

 There are many options for us to find a gift that will surprise your child during Christmas. But also need to pay attention to things like choosing items that are appropriate for your child’s age, gender, and interests. Because if the item is not suitable, children only enjoy a short time.  

 For children, the value of a gift is not as important as the way it is received. Not only during the holidays but also in the daily life, the small efforts of the children are recorded with a meaningful gift that will be really happy with them.

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