Do you like Santa’s presents?

Another Christmas season is coming back, every corner of the street is filled with Christmas atmosphere, the houses and shops are shimmering and colorful. Christmas trees, snowman, gifts, sparkling lights dotted the streets. Christmas is a chance for family members to gather together, Christmas is a chance for people to go far away from home and Christmas is also an opportunity for us to send each other a warm and happy wishes. Best. Christmas will be a lot happier, when we are seated to have a reunion meal with loved ones. 

Along with the rich diversity of cultures, more and more festivals and vacations are held every year around the world. And one of the most important holidays expected by everyone in the world is Christmas. Today, this is not just a holiday dedicated to Catholics but it has become a global holiday. This is a valuable time for us to spend time with family, relatives, have fun and enjoy life. 

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the Santa Claus 

 According to a long-standing legend, on Christmas Day, Santa Claus dressed in red, with gray hair will ride a reindeer flying in the sky, to houses with pine trees and go through chimneys, giving gifts to the baby is sleeping These gifts will be put in socks. The unborn children will be given the edible sugar by him to remind them to be more obedient next year. This is an interesting custom that children are extremely excited about and waiting for.

Where does santa come from 

Santa is the “main role” in Christmas, with a red outfit, white borders, a white beard and two long mustaches, a witty face. 

Santa Claus are other names for Santa Claus. This image has long appeared in many cultures, especially in Western countries. Legend has it that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with the dwarves, spending most of his time preparing gifts and toys for children. 

He receives many letters from children around the world at Christmas. On Christmas Eve, he began his journey with a wagon pulled by 8 reindeer to bring gifts and toys for the children. 

Santa’s “concept” has now spread all over the world. Children always believe in the story of Santa Claus following a chimney chimney into every family, placing candies in socks that hang near a bed or a fireplace. So parents often buy gifts in socks to the fireplace, when children wake up excited with the gift of Santa Claus. This custom encourages children to do good, obedient, and studious to receive gifts from Santa. The red and white colors in the clothes attached to Santa are said to be the colors of the bishop’s outfit.

Even when the name and legends of Santa Claus changed, the red and white colors on his clothes remained the same. Only, over time, the priesthood and bishop’s hat were replaced by warm fur suits. With the development of the present society, during the Christmas holidays, parents often hire outside santa to give gifts to their children, this is also a fairly common trend at every Christmas . 

Christmas is coming, wish you a warm Christmas season with family and friends ..

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