Do you like Christmas socks?

In recent years, Christmas seems to be not only a big holiday for Catholics but also for non-Catholics, this occasion is also a chance to gather and wish each other the warmest wishes for peace. 

Christmas atmosphere crept into every corner of life. From the streets, restaurants to shopping centers are filled with candlelight, colored lights. Giant pines, snow houses, Santa Claus, reindeer trailers are ready for year-end holidays. 

As usual, the annual Christmas is always the occasion for everyone to have the opportunity to express and give each other gifts to have a Christmas season and to welcome the warm New Year.

 The legend of the origin of the Christmas stockings 

Referring to Christmas Eve is thinking of singing hymns and praying with Jesus or Santa riding a reindeer to deliver presents, and the image of Santa Claus bringing presents to everyone and placing them in Christmas sock. Until now, many people still wonder what the origin and thought of the socks hanging on the heating is as if it is real or not?

 On Christmas Eve, children always keep the habit of hanging socks waiting until the next morning to have a gift in it from Santa. The story is told that many people believed that St. Nicholas helped the poor aristocrat through socks that were the main source of this symbol. 

Legend has it that the nobleman spent extravagantly after his wife died, suffering the scene of a single rooster raising three daughters. Because of the difficult circumstances, he was still afraid that his children would not be able to find a decent husband, even though all three girls were equally beautiful. His life was suddenly so poor and miserable that he worried about not having a dowry for his husband’s family so that his daughter could get married.

St. Nicholas decided to secretly help by dropping three bags of gold coins into their chimneys. This bag went into the socks the girl had hung up to dry next to the fireplace. The next morning, the girl was overjoyed to see the money helping her to be able to marry and live happily ever after. However, in the 16th century the Germans conceived that: On Christmas Eve, St. Nicholas will put in all the year gifts to stimulate the five senses and give to the children received.

 The meaning of christmas socks 

For a long time, adults and children have believed that, hanging on Christmas Eve with hanging pipes from the oven, Santa Claus will visit and put the gifts we wish for. Since then, socks have been one of the influential images of such traditional Christmas culture. It is not necessarily expensive Christmas gifts that make sense, but simply giving each other a pair of socks to feel the warmth and bring blessings. Today, with cold climates like Western countries, there is a tendency to give socks to each other at Christmas more than Eastern countries. And the notion is a gift full of meaning and strong ties between people.

 A sock often contains food such as fruit or candy, but it can also be toys that make a sound. Ornaments such as bracelets, bracelets or a colorful book, etc. Although finding the source of Christmas socks is not as important as finding joy from gifts received or given. Inside the socks, full of love.

 Christmas no matter which religion you belong to, it is simply a chance for you and your family to reunite, to meet friends and give each other simple yet extremely warm gifts.

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