Chung cake culture on Tet holiday.

What is the Lunar New Year?  

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival, the oldest, and the jubilant and bustling holiday of the nation. 

Influenced by Chinese culture in more than 1,000 years of Chinese domination, Lunar New Year was also one of the cultural features introduced at that time. 

According to the legend “Chung Cake”, in the 6th Hung Vuong period, on the occasion of the death anniversary, Hung king summoned the Lang officials (the sons of the King) to come and tell them:

Which Lang found a ceremony things offered to the ancestor with the king will be replaced by the king. The Lang officials went to the forest and into the sea to search for jewels and precious products to make offerings to the king. The 18th son named Lang Lieu is the poorest of the Lang officials but he is gentle, virtuous and filial with his parents. 

Unable to find the rare and precious products for offering to his father, he used daily agricultural products including glutinous rice, green beans, pork and dong leaves to make two kinds of Chung Cake and thick cake representing heaven and earth. offering gifts to the king. 

Lang Lieu’s gifts were very suitable for Hung King and Hung King passed the throne to Lang Lieu. Since then, Chung Cakes have become sacred offerings in ancestor worship rituals, showing the heart to drink water and remember the source for the fathers, which is an indispensable dish of Vietnamese people on Tet days.

The meaning of human life of wrapping Chung Cake on holidays in Vietnam 

Chung Cake is green, therefore, people choose to offer Chung Cake on Tet to express their gratitude to the heavens and the earth for favorable weather and favorable weather, good harvest, and a happy home.

 Chung Cake represents the image of the immense land, her virtue, the noble and gentle sacrifice of a woman represented by Mother Au Co. Chung Cake is wrapped in many layers of leaves, carefully, gently wrapped around the inner core in a neat way as the mother always covers and protects the children from the storms of life. 

Chung Cake is the most solemn and noble food for ancestors, showing the heart to drink water to remember the source, to remember the merit of giving birth to a great and vast nurturing like heaven and earth of parents. 

The traditional customs of worshiping and enjoying Chung Cake for Tet in Vietnam are both cultural and spiritual beliefs, and the culinary essence, wisdom of Vietnamese people. 


In the last days of the year, everyone who is away from home wishes to finish their work soon to be reunited with their family. Because everyone wants to be together with the family to gather Chung Cake to worship ancestors and grandparents.   

Chung Cake is full of the love of a lifetime of algae, contains many hardships, soaked in sweat and tears of parents. At one time, I thought, life is too full today probably not many children are known poems that feeling. Chung Cake can be easily bought in stores, but the taste of my banh chung is still special.

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