Christmas – Traditional New Year Holidays For Everyone

The redness of the streets signifies the approaching Christmas season, Noel has now become an international holiday and is better known for its pines and santa clauses. However, countries have customs to celebrate this day according to the customs and traditions of each country. 

Most people probably know about the meaning of Christian Christmas. However, Noel is also a family holiday, a special occasion for all generations of the family to gather together. 

On this occasion, the members will create memories, express and maintain affection for each other. Noel can also be considered a children’s ceremony. Christmas Eve is a magical night in which all the wishes of the children will come true.

Christmas in my mind 

A long time ago. Christmas is known all over the world for its interesting features. It is usually celebrated in the last month of the year, when people are preparing to welcome a new year.

 I like christmas for a lot of reasons. First, it brings a cozy atmosphere and shared interest among people. During the holidays, people gather to decorate their homes, prepare delicious food and spend time doing useful things. People share thoughts, feelings and opinions with each other. 

They also act very well with each other to express kindness, love and consideration for relatives and friends. . Christmas plays an important role because people prepare and decorate everything with colorful lights, gifts and other things.  

During Christmas, a lot of delicious dishes are made like fried chicken, baked goods, cakes, candy and many other things. People love to cook, clean their houses and the streets to pray for the good things to come to them. 

Although the weather is quite cold Christmas, people still feel warm and not lonely when they are with loved ones. Christmas is known as one of the biggest holidays of the year especially Western countries.

 They celebrate Christmas as a special party for everyone to reunite and have a great time. In my opinion, Christmas is not only a normal holiday but also a tradition and a culture, reflecting human life.

Bring a warm atmosphere to everyone on Christmas

Among us, everyone has read the story “Little Match Girl” and shed tears about her poor situation. If there were more matches, she probably wouldn’t be so cold. So why don’t you and your friends this Christmas night bring candles of love to disadvantaged children, newsboys, shoe shine, children who live cold and lonely never been able to celebrate a true Christmas? Let’s organize a Christmas with a brilliant Christmas tree, lots of delicious food and give them the small gifts they long dreamed of. 

Bring them a colorful and meaningful Christmas night, guys! Not difficult for us, is it? Christmas Eve will be much warmer if we give so much love……

I always hope, on this important New Year, everyone in the world will be happy, happy, and happy to be with their family. Christmas comes, no matter how busy, family members will also have a meal, have fun, gather around the fireplace and Christmas tree. Especially children, they always want to hear interesting stories, see their parents, grandparents and people around laughing. Therefore, Noel is considered a family day, creating emotional bond between members.  

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