Christmas Is A Wonderful Holiday To The World

Christmas is a holiday known primarily and west because in western countries mainly Christian. Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, so in Western countries this is a big holiday, everyone spends time decorating their homes and preparing for a day. Christmas is peaceful and warmest. 

In recent years, Christmas days have become more common in Vietnam. Although it is not on holidays, Christmas is considered to be a common holiday for all people no longer reserved for Christians.

 At the end of each year, when Christmas is near, besides shopping for food, decorating the home, many people are busy making lists of meaningful gifts for loved ones. Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts have become an indispensable symbol on the day Jesus was born.

Merry Christmas, warm family party

Christmas is known around the world for its interesting features. It is usually celebrated in the last month of the year, when people are preparing to welcome a new year. I like christmas for a lot of reasons. First, it brings a cozy atmosphere and shared interest among people.

 During the holidays, people gather to decorate their homes, prepare delicious food and spend time doing useful things. People share thoughts, feelings and opinions with each other. They also act very well with each other to express kindness, love and consideration for relatives and friends. .

 Christmas plays an important role because people prepare and decorate everything with colorful lights, gifts and other things. During Christmas, a lot of delicious dishes are made like fried chicken, baked goods, cakes, candy and many other things. People love to cook, clean their houses and the streets to pray for the good things to come to them. 

Although the weather is quite cold Christmas, people still feel warm and not lonely when they are with loved ones. Christmas is known as one of the biggest holidays of the year especially Western countries. They celebrate Christmas as a special party for everyone to reunite and have a great time. In my opinion, Christmas is not only a normal holiday but also a tradition and culture, reflecting people’s lives

The meaning of Christmas tree in Christmas

Christmas trees in Christmas. Christmas brings not only the image of Santa Claus with white beard and funny gift bags, but also bringing the beautifully decorated Christmas trees. So have you ever wondered why Christmas requires a Christmas tree?

 Christmas tree is considered a resurrection tree, a symbol of strong life, overcome all obstacles, banish evil spirits, bring prosperous and prosperous life. Because pine trees live in the harshest climates and still retain their strong, green and eternal green appearance, the pine tree is considered a symbol of life of the ancient people. 

 Around the world celebrate Christmas and display Christmas trees. It is considered the happiness of every person from the elderly to the young. 

Christmas is approaching, what are you waiting for without planning to decorate a Christmas tree in the house to wish for a warm and peaceful life.

Happiness is not that you are given a big tree in front of the house, giving each other expensive gifts. Happiness is when you feel warm in the cold of Christmas night, the warmth from friends and relatives that they give you in a card, a witty greeting, a warm meal but full of love cold. The distance makes people wonder, time makes people doubt … therefore, do not think about going home with your family at this Christmas. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas, a lucky new year, a warm winter with family and loved ones. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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