Christmas comes from the socks

 Along with other Christmas symbols, the Christmas socks are always a popular decoration item, especially for children. People often think that putting socks on the fireplace and Santa will put gifts in Christmas Eve. 

 Origin and meaning of Christmas socks

 In addition to pine and Santa Claus, the socks are also considered one of the traditional symbols that make up the spirit of Christmas. I wonder when the sock has influenced the traditional culture of the Christmas season so much. Because it has long been believed that hanging on the mantelpiece on Christmas Eve, Santa will come and put in the gifts we wish for. And every Christmas season, people give each other a pair of socks, like giving warmth, and even carrying the meaning of blessing that will come from thatmantle. Although no one expected anything more, hanging up socks for gifts became an important tradition of Christmas. 

Many questions have been raised about why a sock? And from where do people think of using socks to wait for gifts or for a certain hope from the legendary Santa? And many hypotheses have been put forward to explain

 According to Dutch legend, that in the 16th century, there was a traditional Dutch rite of ritual for the saint named Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas comes from the Spanish Sint Niklaas, or Sint Nikolaas (Saint Nicholas – Saint Nicholas). Children loved him and they offered him cereals and straw clogs so he could feed his donkey. And in return for that heart, Mr. Sinteklaas will leave in their clogs gifts and candies. Later, when the Americans adopted this culture, they changed Mr. Sinterklaas to Santa Claus, the donkey turned into a reindeer, and wooden clogs into socks to this day.

The second story has more interesting folk meanings about the sock. The story goes that once upon a time there was a kind, poor noble who lost his wife and lived with three daughters. When they reached the age of marriage, he still did not have a dowry. On Christmas Eve, the house was empty, his daughter did not know what else to do, so she washed the old socks and hung them on the mantelpiece to dry. Touched by the plight of his family, St. Nicolas dropped three bags of gold on him the fireplace for the family, and it fell immediately into the sock that hung beneath. By the time the girls woke up in the morning, they happily took the magical gift of Christmas Eve from their socks.

Socks – gift mounts and meanings

Today, Socks has become the culture of Christmas day. They are used as gifts, decorations and shown in the field of fashion when it is winter. Because of the cold climate in Western countries, people here often have a tradition of giving socks at Christmas. In addition, because socks cannot give one, it is a meaningful gift that ties people together. With this year’s fashion season, socks also show great combination with boots. It can be said that the socks have never been alive and shown in many different designs in this year’s Christmas season.

Christmas is coming, so have you prepared your socks to decorate your home? Let’s decorate with a family member in a warm and happy space at Christmas. If you have many children in your home, that’s definitely a great thing for them. Noel will be a place of loving engagement, so even if you are busy with work, take the time to return to your beloved home.

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