Christmas – A place for love

Christmas is when the atmosphere begins to turn into a chill, from the inside to the street, the flower lanterns are ornately decorated … people’s hearts also become more emotional with memories and love.

This season we see time goes by more slowly, because people “suddenly” want it. 

Christmas feelings 

Feeling about the space before the holiday is revealed through many moods: happy, sad, excited, nervous, nervous, anxious, excited, relaxed, touched, tired … Starting with a series of Christmas songs and songs are broadcast on the radio channels. 

At first heard, very interesting, exciting and exciting. After a period of listening and listening again and again, they become boring and somewhat annoying, impatient people want to get angry … 

But when it came time to see the nicely decorated biscuits after baking, spreading the aroma inviting around the house, or the sweetness emanating from the bakeries, the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas was again. fill the chest

. Well, there are enough delicious, attractive, typical flavors of a season, but people all yearn to be breathing in cravings. The more crowded streets were bustling, the bridges and roads were congested, the shops were full of wedges. Amateur troupes, violinists on the street corner play melodious, upbeat songs, and then drown in the deafening music, emanating from colorful ornate decoration shops and billboard.

 Boys and girls put on their shoulders and hold hands; Family and relatives meet on the platform, tram, ferry … hugging.

The post office worked non-stop day and night, so that it could timely transport loads of parcels and countless cards, letters. I wonder how big the A.’s kids are now to choose socks for them? 

Do you have this salad dress? Gosh, did anyone remember to go and visit Uncle B. and his wife this year to visit? … The list of things to do, need to go on shopping so long as each of the bullet points, nagging marks. erase. The house is furnished and decorated beautifully and beautifully. Colorful gift wrap tubes, trinkets, and cascades of ribbons of all sizes were brought back.

 In addition to the poinsettia flower pots, large orange pumpkins, trimmed and plugged with sunflowers, dahlia, long-winged daisies, turtle-head flowers, countless needles, soft, light purple twigs, interspersed with stubborn wheat stalks and dark purple seed corns, look unique, harmonious and fun, proving the master’s sophistication, giving Living room area a special feeling, only in holidays.

Relatives met happily, surprised, after how far away, then all together burst into fun with seemingly endless stories. Snowman’s mannequin has finished. The carts were pulled by reindeer, lingering on the roof covered with thick snow. Fireplace chimneys are a bit of a steam to keep warm. The smell of cinnamon from the hot apple juice spread throughout the room. Good housewives are busy, hurrying up each recipe of hearty, hot traditional dishes. The oven-baked ‘ham’, marinated for hours, is soft and sweet on the tongue with honey, cardamom and anise. Salad salad with sliced pears, sprinkled on sweet pine nuts and thinly grated cheese. Soft baked red sweet potatoes, soaked in syrup and melted butter, served with fluffy whipped cream. Mashed potatoes, chewy with a thick sauce like honey. Beans are cooked with corn, carrots, mushrooms and bacon. Champagne, white wine, and red wine belong to famous wine extraction regions. Then the apple pie, pumpkin, lemon, chocolate dessert served with vanilla ice cream, hot tea and coffee …

Sharing love for each other on Christmas Eve.

The precious moments with family fun, reunion takes place too short and rare. Fathers and mothers will age with the years. The children will grow up fast. Their childhoods will soon pass like a dream. But all will remember the family’s Christmas nights (…) no matter what tomorrow will be. 

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